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New War Era

Game Rules
Account Management:
Players are only allowed to create and maintain only one account with us. However if you happen to share your connection with someone, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are any of the accounts on the same connection allowed to cross paths, if they do cross paths, this is grounds for disablement. Players are to keep their own account that they create. We do not allow, exchanging, babysitting, or sharing. There should be no need to constantly delete and recreate to get on a certain planet.

Game Play:
We do not allow under any circumstances, the use of automated processes to improve player performance in our game. Use of anything automated or other software that accesses the New War Era server for any reason outside normal gameplay is strictly prohibited.(WHICH MEANS IT'S NOT ALLOWED!)

Farming is a direct result of one or a group, creating multiple accounts in order to gain free land. Friend Farming is hereby defined as a real life friend, alliance mate, or any of your contacts telling you they are quitting. Typically this either suiciding or disbanding at a specific time but limited to either or. Foreknowledge is now a punishable offense. This practice is not condoned. We advise that if you want to quit, to delete your account or seek a Game Adminstrator.

The use and or abuse of a bug, is not allowed. Please report them imediately. We wish to bring you quality gameplay. REMEMBER THIS IS BETA PEOPLE. BUGS DO EXIST! It is your job as a player to report them in a descriptive and timely manner. You may report them to us directly at: admin@arcanegaming.com or post them in our Bugs section of the forums.

Language & Attitude:
New War Era is designed to be played by people of all ages and backgrounds. Players are expected to treat others with respect and use only appropriate language in any contact with other players. We do have a swear filter in place, please do not avoid it. There is an option in preferences if you'd like to see foul language.

Policy Violation:
Players are not allowed to encourage others to violate any of the above policies. Any player found to be doing so will be immediately removed from the game.

We here at New War Era, try to uphold these rules to the fullest. If anyone is in violation of these rules please mail: admin @ arcanegaming.com and we shall look into the matter. If these rules need further clarification (clearing up), please see a Game Master and one of them shall help you out.

Please note that Game Masters (Admins) reserve the right to take each policy violation on a case by case basis. Also, if one intends on sharing a connection with any player, it is your duty to inform the adminstrators of the game by any means possible.


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