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New War Era

Beta 4.46
Beta 4.46 is ready for sign-ups. There are no changes for this round.
Posted on ??/??/???? by Diezmar
Beta 4.45 "re-deux"
Dear Users,

I regret to inform you all that I have to partially reset the game (rollback) the game to pre-game conditions. Some players were unable to reset their accounts fully although ample time was given for this. This botch reset was my sorry/sad attempt at band-aiding the initial botched reset. The blame for this one is my own and Diez had no part in it. It was I that 'screwed the pooch'. A reset to pre-game conditions is the best way forward for everyone. Compensating controls will be created throughout the round so these sorts of screw-ups never happen again. Let's turn the page and start fresh.



Some further changes have happened as well:
  1. Arid Wastelands
    1. Decreased Population limit to -10% (previous: -7%)
  2. Volcanic Inferno
    1. Decreased Population limit to -15% (previous: -7%)
Beta 4.45 Changes
Posted on 4 June 2012, 0330 EDT By Stereotype
Beta 4.45
Beta 4.45 is ready for signups. There are a few changes for this round:
  1. Minimum Population drop if you're overflowing is 500. (Previous: 200)

  2. Population drop will never cause you to lose under your 'Current Max' population.

  3. Increased Population Growth to 5.0%. (Previous: 2.5%)

  4. Removed the -1 tick return time bonus when hitting on your own planet.

  5. Immortal Personality:
    1. Increased Military Loss to -15% (Previous: -35%)
    2. Decreased Land Gain to -15% (Previous: 5%)
  6. Beta 4.45 Changes
Posted on 30 May 2012, 1600 GMT By Stereotype
Beta 4.44
Beta 4.44 is ready for signups. There are no changes for this round.
Posted on 03 April 2012 By Diezmar
Beta 4.43
Beta 4.43 is ready for signups. The changes are located here:

Beta 4.43 Changes

The round will last until 02 April 2012. Enjoy!
Posted on 17 February 2012 By Diezmar
Password Resets
Everyone please reset your password. I have changed the hashing algorithm by which password hashes are stored in the database and your present password will not work. Please reset your password. This requires that you know the existing e-mail address to your AGN account. In the event your email has changed or you're not sure which email was used to sign up, you will need to contact me either directly (last resort) OR via the Login trouble? form
Posted on 1 Feb 2011, 0100 EST By Stereotype
Beta 4.37
Beta 4.37 is ready for signups. There are no changes for this round. The round will last until Dec 23 2010.
Posted on Nov 22, 0640a GMT By Stereotype
Beta 4.33
Beta 4.33 is ready for signups. There are no changes for this round. The round will last until 29 April 2010
Posted on Mar 25, 1140a AEST By Diezmar
[Rewind] Beta 4.30
Beta 4.30 is ready for signups. Due to a slight error on my part I needed to reset the round fully. We should be good to go from here. Round will last till 24 Dec 2009 and a short week long winter blitz round will follow.
Posted on Dec 4, 0108a EST By Stereotype
Beta 4.30
Beta 4.30 is ready for signups. There are no planned changes.
Posted on Nov 26, 1218a EST By Stereotype
Beta 4.29
Beta 4.29 is now ready for signups. Changes:
    Planet Changes

  1. Elite Power consumption is now 0.8 vs. 1.4 per unit.
  2. Elite NW: 11 (Previously 10)

  3. Volcanic
  4. Elite Power consumption is now 0.5 vs. 1.4 per unit.
  5. Elite NW: 12 (Previously 20)
  6. Offense/Defense -- 5/5
  7. Cost: 800 (Previously 1500)
  8. Space in Barrack: 1 [ previously 2]
  9. Power Required: -50% (previously -65%)
  10. Population: -15% (previously -20%)

  11. Building Changes
  12. Fortified Hangars now hold: 150/165/175 units (norm/volc/populous)

  13. Alliance Changes
  14. Member Limit: 8 (Previously 7)

Posted on Oct 14, 1210a EDT By Stereotype
Beta 4.28
Beta 4.28 is now ready for signups. Changes will be posted in News and Updates and here later today.
Posted on Sept 5 1:55 EDT By Stereotype
Beta 4.27
Beta 4.27 is now ready for signups. Krause should be uploading his small changes to planets and personalities later today.
Posted on Aug 1 14:35 EDT By Stereotype
AGN Forgotten Password
AGN Forgotten Password is now functioning.
Posted on Jun 14 14:36 EDT By Stereotype
Beta 4.26
Beta 4.26 is ready for signups. There are no planned changes for this round as we're still in our "Global Warming" phase.
Posted on Jun 14 12:36 EDT By Stereotype
Beta 4.24
Beta 4.24 is ready for signups. There are no planned changes for this round as we're still in our "Global Warming" phase.
Posted on Mar 31 1:00 EDT By Stereotype
Beta 4.23
The next few rounds (including this round) will be what we call "Global Warming". This is where there will be NO Planet or Personality changes. Things in essence will be cooling down, but the changes and fixes will be RISING!

This round's changes will be on going throughout the round. Nothing Earth shattering at this time although the new face of War is a few months from completion.
Posted on Feb 20 10:00 EDT By Stereotype
Beta 4.22
Beta 4.22 is ready for signups. Changes will be posts as soon as possible.
Posted on Jan 9 13:00 EDT By Diezmar
Winter Blitz 2
Winter Blitz 2 is up and running!

The round will go for just under two weeks but will be running with 20 minute ticks so we expect to see plenty of action!
Below are the changes for the round:
  • Only one planet type: Winter Wonderland
  •       + 18% offense
          Elite Unit: Reindeer - 10 offence / 7 defence
  • Only one personality type: Jack Frost
  •       No bonuses
  • 20 minute ticks
  • War has been removed
  • Countries cannot be reset
  • Posted on Dec 24 14:00 EDT By Diezmar
    Beta 4.21
    Signups for Beta 4.21 are now ready!

    To start the round, we have made a couple of small changes to personality types which can be viewed by clicking on the link below:
    Beta 4.21 changes.

    Once again we encourage you to invite your friends to try out NWE!
    Posted on Nov 23 14:15 EDT By Diezmar
    Beta 4.20
    Signups for Beta 4.20 are ready!

    Several changes have been made this round. They can be viewed in the 'News and Updates' forum or by clicking on the link below:
    Beta 4.20 changes.

    We encourage you all to invite your friends to play so that our gaming experience is even more enjoyable!
    Posted on Oct 1 05:10 EDT By Diezmar
    Beta 4.19
    Signups for Beta 4.19 are ready!

    We have made several changes for this round which can be viewed in the 'News and Updates' forum or by clicking on the link below:
    Beta 4.19 changes.

    We are looking forward to a fun round so we encourage you all to invite your friends to try out NWE!
    Posted on Aug 23 10:15 EDT By Diezmar
    Beta 4.18
    Welcome to Beta 4.18!

    This round we are proud to introduce several new exciting features that will enhance game play more than ever before. Along with a recode of the message system and several other bug fixes, we have added several new research topics, military aid for defending countries, automatic alliance allocation for newly created countries, and more! For a full description of the changes, view the 'News and Updates' forum or click on the link below:
    Beta 4.18 changes.

    There will be changes to planet and personality types and they will be posted as soon as possible. Please remember that you can reset or remake your country freely before the round has started.
    Posted on July 12, 17:09 EDT By Diezmar
    Beta 4.17
    Welcome to Beta 4.17!

    Changes are not final yet but they will be posted as soon as possible. Remember that you can reset or remake your country at will before the round has started so feel free to sign up and chat on the forums before the changes are posted. Please check the 'News and Updates' forum regularly to stay up to date with game changes.

    With a fresh new round and the ticker problem well in the past, it's now time to boost our playerbase again! Try to recruit as many friends as possible and vote for NWE using the in-game button on your 'status' page so that we can enjoy hitting and killing more countries than we can possibly handle!

    Stay tuned to find out the changes for this round.
    Posted on May 22, 01:25 EDT By Diezmar
    Spring Fling
    Good Afternoon,
    We have concluded that our ticker problem was never a problem with our code. I have personally run a copy of the game on my local machine. There were no hickups. I had this running every minute for just over a day. I ran approxiamately 2326 ticks WITHOUT a hitch. It is not a problem with our code. I don't forsee a problem at this time. However, we're resetting for a two week round to monitor the situation further. There will be no planet changes at this time. If there is to be one, we shall notifty you all through appropriate methods.
    Posted on Mar 20, 12:00 EDT By Stereotype
    Chaos Round
    We have been unable to resolve the ticker problem despite implementing a new ticker. We will postpone testing for now and run a short chaos round until further notice. Starting resources will be the same; protection mode will run for 72 ticks as usual; and ticks will run every 20 minutes. Scores will not be saved.

    We apologise for the inconvenience but please know that we have been working hard to resolve the issue. Enjoy the chaos round!
    Posted on Feb 23, 00:35 EDT By Diezmar
    Beta 4.15 Issues
    Over the past two days we have been experiencing problems with the game ticks. The issue was related to the host but it has apparently been resolved now. We apologise for any and all inconveniences, but please realise that this was out of our control. Stereo has been working hard to find and fix the problem but to no avail due to the nature of the problem. Please appreciate his efforts and accept that there was nothing more he could have done.

    It is most likely that there will be a reset to before the game ticks started running. We will allow a delay before ticks start so that everyone can reorganise themselves appropriately.
    Posted on Feb 21, 02:22 EDT By Diezmar
    Changes for Beta 4.15
    Here are the changes for this round. I haven't yet had a chance to remove HDFs from oceanic so please avoid training them if you can! I will be removing them before the game starts and will make sure you get refunded 100% of your money once I have removed them from your training queue.
    Click here for changes.

    Posted on Feb 16, 08:42 EDT By Diezmar
    Beta 4.15
    Welcome to Beta 4.15.

    This is the first time I've had to reset everything myself so I'm not 100% sure if everything is correct. I will continue checking to make sure everything is working properly.

    Changes will be posted within the next 12 hours. Remember that you can reset or remake your country at will before the round has started so feel free to sign up and chat on the forums before the changes are posted.

    Posted on Feb 16, 00:15 EDT By Diezmar
    Sign-ups Ready
    I only just managed to return the starting resources to their usual amounts. I apologise for having had to reset again but it was the only way to avoid all problems. Everything should be back to normal now so start signing up!
    Posted on Jan 9, 00:31 EDT By Diezmar
    Beta 4.14
    Welcome to Beta 4.14!

    This round we are returning to normal starting resources. War will remain disabled as the new system will most likely be implemented next round.

    Here are the changes for this round:

    Click here for changes.

    Posted on Jan 8, 22:46 EDT By Diezmar
    Winter Blitz
    Hello All,
    Welcome to our Holiday Season round. We are bringing this mini round to you all because not many of us are able to play seriously between Christmas and New Year's Day as spending time with family is more important, thus you have our Winter Blitz round. Here's the specs for this mini round.

  • 1000 Land, 25 Hangars, 160 Resi, 50 Fusion Power, 20 Star Mines, 745 Free Land
  • 10k Population, $2 mil money,25k power, 1000 scis, and 1000 soldiers.
  • War Removed
  • Planet Type: Winter Wonderland (17.5% Offense, -50% Return time)
  • Personality: Jack Frost (None)
  • Elite Name: Elite Reindeer -- 10/7, Cost: 1450
  • 50 Nuclear Missiles
  • 50 Neutron Missiles
  • 100 Launch Pads
  • 20 Spy attempts max.
  • All research complete, progressive research 100k points to start
  • 30 minute ticks

  • Game will last till 7 January.
    Posted on Nov 25, 03:45 EST By Stereotype
    Dear Hotmail/MSN and other Microsoft related email users,

    For some reason or another Microsoft has decided we're sending their users spam. We are currently in the process of working with Microsoft to resolve this issue as quick as possible. In the mean time, it is recommended that you do not sign up to AGN with a Hotmail/MSN or another Microsoft related email address. If you have already done this and are not receiving emails from us, please see me on AIM(StereotypeNWE) or send me an email StereotypeNWE AT GMAIL DOT COM. We're sorry about the inconvenience, but rest assured this is not our fault, this is Microsoft's. If they do not resolve this in a timely manner, I will be forced to block Hotmail/MSN related signups. I'm sorry but they pretty much left me with no choice.
    Posted on Nov 18, 03:12 EDT By Stereotype
    Beta 4.13
    Welcome to Beta 4.13!

    Changes for this round are yet to be set - they will be posted in the News and Updates forum in the Universal Forums as soon as they are finalized. There will hopefully be several small changes to war which will be revealed closer to war time.

    Apologies for the late notice. Here are the changes for this round:

    Click here for changes.

    Posted on Nov 13, 07:09 EDT By Diezmar
    Beta 4.12
    Welcome to Beta 4.12.0 there will be small changes that are made throughout the round due to my work and school schedule. I don't plan on anything too earth-shattering, but we do reserve the right to change anything we see fit while still in beta.

    Click here for changes.

    Posted on Oct 4, 19:19 EDT By Stereotype
    Beta 4.11
    Well the reset you've been waiting for is here. I am back from my vacation and ready to rock. There are a few small changes for this round.

    Click here for changes.

    Also, please do remember this game is still in beta. Things can and will be added that might affect gameplay. This is for those that said we don't warn you. Here is your warning.
    Posted on Aug 18, 11:50 EDT By Stereotype
    NWE Ownership
    NWE is going through an Ownership change. Signups for the new round shall start today. There will be a signup period of 91 hours. This will allow management to address most issues before the game actually goes live. Please bear with us during this time change. Emails announcing the signups will go out tomorrow. Changes will be posted around this time as well. Thank you for your patience.
    Posted on Jul 9, 14:45 EST By Stereotype

    Beta 4.8 is here
    Here we are on a new server, stay tuned for a list of changes.
    Posted on Apr 6, 05:33 By Swifty

    Beta 4.7!
    Here we are for another NWE round, I have made quite a few changes for this round which can be viewed here.

    I have tried to balance the Terrains a little bit but it is only a starting point so if you are not happy with the changes remember that they can always be changed.
    Posted on Feb 21, 13:36 By Swifty

    Beta 4.6!
    New War Era has reset for beta 5.0! Sorry for the downtime, I have spent all night working on game changes and I still have quite a few more to go. Bellow is a list of the full changes for this round:

      - The ability to edit your last Post/Topic.
      - The ability to delete AGN messages.
      - [Top] link (top of page) has been added to UFs.
      - Starting resources have been increased.
          500,000 Money
          500 Soldiers
          500 Land
          3,250 Population
          1,000 Power

      - Starting buildings have been changed:
          120 Residence
          50 Barracks
          70 Power Plants
          60 Star Mines
          200 Free land

      - Exploring is disabled in war
      - Kingdoms coming out of newbie mode can only have a maximum of 1,000,000 money.
      - Offense/Defense Statistics removed on failed attacks.
      - Failed Probe missions are now recorded

    Still to Come:
    I am working on a new method for players to report cheaters. Players are able to submit one or more support tickets in which only they and the moderators can see. All the moderators will be given access to the cheating tools and the first moderator to view the ticket will be able to deal with the situation rather than just the Administrators.

    New XP formula:
    A new defensive and offensive Experience formula is in the works, please be patient more Keep an eye out in the New's & Update forums for any recent News.

    Keep an eye out in the New's & Update forums for any recent News.
    Posted on Jan 3, 01:04 By Swifty

    Seasons Greetings
    Due to this joyous season Swifty and Stereo have decided to delay the start of the new round until after the New Year's holiday. We're doing this due to the fact that most of us want to spend this special time of year with our family and friends. One should not miss the game due to that fact, because of this the new round will begin on January 2nd. The good news is we are not going to leaving you hanging around in boredom. Instead we are going offer an eleven (11) day lightning round. Each country will start off with 1,000 land and sufficient resources. The ticks will be twice (30 min ticks) as fast, normally 1h. ticks. The Lightning round will officially begin on December 24th at 10p GMT and run till January 1st at 10p. There are no changes during the lightning round. However, there are quite a few changes to look forward to in the New Year:

    - Exploring Removed in war
    - Top of page link added to forums
    - Delete option for AGN messages
    - Money cap. on newbie kingdoms money
    - New report cheater method (Private tickets)
    - Added Power Stats and all moved to Statistics (Mill Stats, AC Support)
    - New Def XP formula and the normal one tweaked
    - The ability to edit UF posts.
    - Failed Probe missions recorded
    - Remove attack stats when attacking
    Posted on Dec 21, 23:49 By Swifty

    Welcome to round 4
    Here we are again guys for round 4 which should hopefully be another fun game. After last game we have seen all the major bugs from the previous rounds have been fixed just a few minor ones to fix now when they are found. Sorry for the inactivity but I have done my best to add as many new changes as possible to improve the game. Here's what I've done:

    - Max pop now doesn't overflow (Gets to max & stops)
    - Hitting In/Out War casualties reduced by 50% (Defender only)
    - Warning added to attack calc when suiciding
    - New member list navigation system
    - New forum stats and online status
    - New stealth mode in AGN prefs (To hide online status)
    - Probe stats added to 24 hour economy
    - Alliance member actions can now be done in peace (leave, etc)
    - New XP formula round (40*((15*landgain/attackersland)^2))
    - Immortal is now -30% mill losses and - 1.5% land gain (8.5% gain)

    Hope you enjoy the round.
    Posted on Aug Oct 31, 14:44 By Swifty

    Back to School and NWE 3.0 Is here!
    Well the summer holidays are over and every ones back to School, no need to be bored in your class/office any more because NWE 3.0 is now open for signups. The server problems we encounted last game have been fixed and here we are again for a new round. I have fixed any known bugs for this round and added a few changes which you can read here. Let's just hope the server holds out, the second we encounter any downtime I will change hosts so you have nothing to worry about.
    Posted on Sep 21, 15:10 By Swifty

    NWE 2.1 Bug Zapper!
    After a nice buggy round I can happily bring you beta 2.1! Last round was rather a disaster but the good news is that it's all fixed and ready for this new round. War is now 100% functional and has been tested so no need to be afraid to war and theres been lots of bug fixes to ensure this is a nice smooth round.
    Posted on Aug 9, 01:34 By Swifty

    NWE2 IS HERE!!!
    Here we are guys, NWE2 is finally here!!! After a long wait we now have war and a whole new game engine which should run allot better. You need to remember guys this is the first release so be patient with any bugs we may experience, Stereo and myself will get straight on any bugs we see. I will be adding and tweaking lots of stuff throughout the round so if something is missing or does not work at all just be patient. Please post any suggestions you have as we are still working to make this version better than ever!!

    For the full list of changes click here
    Posted on Jul 3, 14:28 By Swifty


    Game:  4.75
    Ticks:  1 hour
    Users:  0 Online
    Time:  Jul 29, 14:11

    Start:  01 Apr 2016 1900 EDT
    Stop:  13 May 2016 1900 EDT

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