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New War Era

Help NWE and Donate

Donations can be made by clicking on the PayPal button below. If you enjoy playing NWE and want to help us, then please donate what you can.

Those who donate $10 or more will be added to our list of donors (Unless requested not to be).

Thank you for your support, Dread, Stereotype and Diezmar.

(Make sure to enter your name when you donate if you wish for it to be displayed)

Here is a list of all of the donors so far:

Nawstrips ($10)
Thugz ($10)
Flair ($10)
FireStorm ($10)
Col Mustard ($10)
Kob ($10)
Darky ($10)
Dante SK ($10)
Curl ($20)
Stereotype ($50)
Ajar ($50)
MetaPhase ($50)
Starbucks ($10)
Saber ($10)

Total: $270 USD


Game:  4.75
Ticks:  1 hour
Users:  0 Online
Time:  Jul 29, 16:04

Start:  01 Apr 2016 1900 EDT
Stop:  13 May 2016 1900 EDT

2)Mashed Potato
4)Lousia [Bot]
5)Alicia [Bot]
6)Cindy [Bot]
7)Murphy [Bot]
8)William [Bot]
9)Papa Bear [Bot]
10)Henry [Bot]

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