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New War Era

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New War Era is a totally free text-based game played through your web browser with no download required. All that is necessary is an email account and access to the web through a standard browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer and you can begin playing immediately.

If you think you have what it takes to conquer the universe and compete against others players in a real-time environment then signup now!

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Game:  4.75
Ticks:  1 hour
Users:  0 Online
Time:  Jul 29, 15:24

Start:  01 Apr 2016 1900 EDT
Stop:  13 May 2016 1900 EDT

2)Mashed Potato
4)Lousia [Bot]
5)Alicia [Bot]
6)Cindy [Bot]
7)Murphy [Bot]
8)William [Bot]
9)Papa Bear [Bot]
10)Henry [Bot]

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